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The Man Formerly Known As "Slick"

Being LK or my significant other is not an easy task.  Not only do our men need to be game for packed social schedules – evenings filled with dinners, drinks, events + schmoozing; but also they absolutely have to be social media-friendly.  … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Slick!

Wishing you the best day EVA.  Do it up big tonight, babe!  Can’t wait to celebrate!! xx, L

A New Friend for Slick…

Slick and I are sick. sick. SICK!  Blahhhhh… On Monday evening, I posted the following status on my Facebook wall, “I am so sick – someone please bring me pizza…”  Well, much to my surprise, the incredible Mrs. Amy Wolkove … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Happy 30th birthday to my totally awesome hubs, Kevin!  Welcome to your dirty 30s, babe!  (They are pretty much the new 20s – so get ready to party this decade!) Wishing you a wonderful day and a tremendous year!  Love you!! (photos by … Continue reading

Saturday on the TOWN (Brookhaven)

So, as you know, I recently moved to BrookHEAVEN.  I seriously couldn’t love it any more. If someone could do something about my horrendous commute downtown, that would be great… but I am NOT moving anytime soon.  I mean, I … Continue reading